Artificial Intelligence

Are you in situations like these?

  1. I wish I could hire more people to do the work
  2. My agents are spending most of the time in answering repeat questions
  3. I want my agents to be available 24×7
  4. My team spends more time in candidate screening than on interviewing
  5. I want my campaigns to trigger based on end-user behavior
  6. My campaigns creatives should change based on what is performing/not performing
  7. Or, situations like my air conditioner should turn on automatically when IĀ am stressed

Does that sound familiar in your meetings? Contact us for your AI needs.


We help our customers by providing them end to end intelligent systems starting with understanding the business objectives, analyzing data, adding prediction modeling, and making the system smarter through AI.

Save 30% of your costs with AI-powered chatbots. The chatbots can help augment your staffing needs, be available to respond to customers’ questions 24×7, and enhance the overall experience.

Empower your customers and staff with AI-powered chatbots with human-level understanding using NLP. Chatbots are developed for multiple channels: Web, Skype, Facebook, Telegram, Mail etc, and delivered as a web application or mobile application for voice interaction. The chatbots are trained from a variety of sources including KBs, FAQs, unstructured documents, structured documents, and store information in repositories like CRM system, Database etc. The chatbots can also query external API to make smarter decisions.

We deliver end to end AI solutions including chatbot, web interface to manage bot interactions, alerts, andĀ business and IT dashboards.

Head to our AI showcase section and interact with chatbots developed by us.

We understand AI systems are not perfect and hence we provide our customers with a fallback mechanism in case the system is not able to resolve customers’ questions.