AI-powered Data Analytics & Insights

Do these situations sound familiar to you? 

Lack of critical information on –  

  • Your customer segment churn rates? 
  • Which target segments need improvement in marketing ROI? 
  • Sales forecasts for the next three months? 
  • Inventory needs to meet market demands? 
  • Are your customers happy or not?  
  • Using previous customer purchase information to promote new products and offers? 

BIGINT Solutions enables AI-based tools for deeper and hidden insights. We transform data into insights that help improve operations and generate more revenues. We enable better customer understanding, reducing risks, and forecasting demands with higher accuracy. 

Welcome to the world of data analytics!

From information to optimization, data analytics has 4 cycles of what we call “Analytics Continuum”.

  1. Descriptive Analytics (What happened?)
  2. Diagnostic Analytics (Why it happened?)
  3. Predictive Analytics (What will happen?)
  4. Prescriptive Analytics (What should we do about it?)

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Our AI-powered data analytics framework has 4 major steps (matching 4 cycles of Data Analytics):

  1. Data Exploration
  2. Distribution Analysis
  3. Model Development
  4. Model Analysis, Conclusions and Recommendations

All in all combined you can see a full picture of your data with results and outcomes expressed as visuals for a better understanding of your data.

Why choose our AI services? 

Structured approach to AI

Hypothesis formation and testing, SMART problem statements focusing on issues

Self-service AI

Leverage AI-based visuals and automated insights to faster and real-time data insights

Scalable AI architecture

Scalable cloud-based architecture to support an organization's AI needs to match future growth.


DevOps and CI/CD solutions for rapid AI code deployment and automated release management

Our AI-Powered Data Analytics services

Exploratory data analytics

Understand your data, conduct univariate and multi-variate and visual-based analysis supplemented with detailed documentation

Self-service model development

Using drag and drop automated ML approaches to deliver quick results saving valuable cost and time

Custom deep learning and machine learning models

Develop high-quality custom models for regression, classification, recommendations, and others for complex requirements

AI Integrations

Integrate SaaS-based AI and cognitive services in existing applications to enable deeper intelligence insights and reports

Success stories

See how we enabled an HR company to understand employee attrition with AI-based insights. Click for the case study


Nick L

Nick L Group CEO, Unisure

We have been able to understand our data and use AI-based solutions that enabled forecasts with higher accuracy. BigInt solutions would be our partner of choice anytime!

Radhika S

Radhika S Senior PM, Microsoft

Self-service AI/ML model solutions did save a lot of time and costs. Happy to leverage new-age solutions from BigInt

James B

James B President & CEO, Milestone KPE Corp

AI-Based integration with our existing applications helped in capitalizing on data and insights that were hidden. Highly recommended!

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