On-demand Data Analytics Portals & Platforms

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If Business Intelligence and reporting solutions can be modernized, then why not how we share insights and analytics with our users/customers?

Instead of relying on manual distribution, we empower our customers with a custom role based data analytics portals.


Role Based

On Cloud

If you need to

  • Distribute Insights & Analytics securely
  • Show visuals/graphs/charts and stories to your users
  • Grant access to specific section to specific users
  • Have Admin and User access separate
  • Take inputs from users (say Budgets)
  • Need Alerts
  • Customize Navigation
  • Add Help documentation

Then you need a data analytics portal!

  • If you want to use Power BI Embedded, you are covered.
  • If you want to use a custom reporting solution, you are covered.

Check out our case study on how we helped one of our clients to create a data analytics platform – a first of its kind in the clients industry.

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