Case Study – Modern BI

Modern BI encompasses data engineering, analytics, visualization and distribution.

For one of our large globally distributed insurance company customer we provided them with a cost effective modern BI solution stack to track sales, memberships, lives and risk portfolio.

Problem Statement

Our customer relied on manual Excel based reporting which they downloaded every month from their service providers portal. The reports were limited in capturing movements and historical data. They also had to share these reports over email.


We understood customer’s current reporting setup and suggested modern BI tools to simplify their data solutions.

Following architecture (simplified for posting) was proposed

Modern BI architecture (simplified)

An event driven approach was suggested to trigger data pipelines as soon as new data arrived.

The data pipeline was setup on Azure which ingested bi-monthly data and stored raw data in a Azure Data Lake. Set of transformations were applied on the raw data to clean and store in an Azure SQL Database. On top of Azure SQL database, Power BI models were developed for business scenarios.

A suite of Power BI reports capturing sales, memberships, movements, and lives were developed and distributed through Power BI service.


The customer now has live and interactive reports to be used in meetings and discussions. The data refresh happens in the backend which allows for up-to-date data.

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