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Problem Statement

One of our clients was looking to move to a web based analytics platform. The clients customers had no way of storing and searching through orders and invoices. They had to open each order and check to see when that stock would arrive. No way of seeing order value and volume. No trends and patterns to forecast inventory needs. They were putting buying notes on paper and pen, which often got misplaced.


We understood the business goal and proposed a modern cloud and web based data analytics portal – a first of its kind for the clients industry.

Right from day 0 we engaged with the client on:

  1. Business goals and vision to prototypes
  2. Product sketches
  3. UI/UX and screen designs
  4. Architecture
  5. Development (Frontend and Backend)
  6. Rollout and Support

Our focus was rapid development with agile based and DevOps approaches. The application is hosted on Azure and built on top of .NET core and Angular JS. The application uses CDN for static files.

Some of the salient features of the portal:

  1. User Signup
  2. Payment/Subscription integration
  3. Multi-tenancy
  4. Multiple Roles
  5. Admin and Customer login
  6. Search inside PDF
  7. Advanced filters support
  8. Data Entry and Upload functionality
  9. Click photo through the application and upload
  10. Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Responsive
  11. Reporting and Dashboarding for customers
  12. Power BI for backend reporting

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