Ranbeer Makin, is a passionate data analytics professional with 13+ yrs of industry experience working with businesses of all sizes globally.

Prior to starting his entrepreneurial journey, Ranbeer was Director Engineering/CTO for a healthcare startup helping them develop a predictive analytics and patient care engagement platform. He started his career with application development in C++ where he and his team architected and developed a search rewards platform for a popular search engine. He then spent 8+ yrs in data and BI space where he worked on big data marketing and analytics platform, and was responsible for delivery of large-scale projects. He is a certified agile software practitioner from Project Management Institute (PMI-ACP).

His expertise include finding unique solutions to your data problems, within budget.

Your business growth is just a call way. Connect with him to learn more how modern BI & AI driven solutions can provide the much needed boost to your business.

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Most businesses are moving to modern cloud-based analytics solutions – whether it is using AI assisted insights generation and explanation or using modern analytics and business intelligence tools like Power BI for intelligent decision making, or moving from sharing insights manually to sharing through cloud-based data portals and platforms. Businesses who are taking this step are seeing a revenue increase of 26%.

Whether you are trying to adopt a new technology or looking to derive intelligence from your raw data or looking for ways to communicate insights that inspire decision making, at each of these steps you need a partner SME to rely on. Which solution to go with? What services to use? Fully cloud? On-premise and cloud? There are tons of tools and solutions available. We, BIGINT Data Analytics Solutions, act as your Modern BI & Data Analytics partner.

We specialize in providing unique modern solutions to your data problems. We work closely with our customers to understand their current data challenges, identify and propose modern architecture and solutions within budget, and implement them. We empower our customers with the right choice for data visualization solutions and help distribute insights and analytics through secure portals and platforms. A full analytic workflow is provided with AI-infused to solve business problems.

We are 100% compliant with data security. Our solutions include data anonymization and masking techniques so you are fully sure of data privacy and security.

Andrew gave power to his floor manager with Power Apps for inventory counting. Fabien saved time and improved data accuracy by using AI to auto categorize bids. Rick surprised his board with real-time modern reporting with Power BI. Spenser gave power to retailers with the Buyable platform – a first of its kind data analytics platform. Radhika tapped and tracked on-demand talent market performance with modern data visualization and data connectors.

“Diligent”, “Flexible”, “Transparent”, “Communication”, “Integrity”, “Openness to feedback”, “Thoroughness” – are some of the words you will hear our customers say about us, all the time.

At the end of the day, you are looking to move faster, take better and quicker decisions. We strongly believe you and your customers deserve something better. Empower them with solutions that turn data into remarkable outcomes. Give them a chance in this life for such a solution.

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