AI-powered Data Analytics & Insights

Ask these questions to yourself:

  1. Do I know which of the customer segment is about to churn?
  2. Do I know which segments to target to improve marketing ROI?
  3. What will be my sales forecast for next three months?
  4. How much inventory do I need to meet my demands?
  5. Is my customer happy or sad?
  6. What can I promote to my customers based on their past purchases?

Does any of the above questions sound familiar to you?

Welcome to the world of data analytics!

From information to optimization, data analytics has 4 cycles of what we call “Analytics Continuum”.

  1. Descriptive Analytics (What happened?)
  2. Diagnostic Analytics (Why it happened?)
  3. Predictive Analytics (What will happen?)
  4. Prescriptive Analytics (What should we do about it?)

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Our AI-powered data analytics framework has 4 major steps (matching 4 cycles of Data Analytics):

  1. Data Exploration
  2. Distribution Analysis
  3. Model Development
  4. Model Analysis, Conclusions and Recommendations

All in all combined you can see a full picture of your data with results and outcomes expressed as visuals for a better understanding of your data.

If you want to know more about our AI-powered data analytics and insights approach, and how it positively impact your business, schedule a call now.

To showcase above framework in action we invite you to view our case study on Employee Attrition Analytics.

We use AI and methodical approaches to tackle employee attrition data problem.

If you want to see some of the advanced models (Deep Learning) we have developed, head to: