Power BI Custom Data Connectors

There have been number of requests to create custom data connectors for APIs/online services for which an out of the box connector in Power BI is not available.

Examples? Custom data connector to HubSpot, Zendesk Support, YouTube, Facebook Ads, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many more.

Here we are going to list some of the popular custom data connectors available. Some of these connectors are developed by us and some by other users/community. I’ll try my best to list all GitHub Repos.

List of Power BI custom data connectors

HubSpot – A custom data connector connecting to HubSpot CRM. The connector pulls companies, deals, and other data points to show a comprehensive view of your pipeline and CRM information.


Zendesk Support – A connector to list ticket views and the corresponding tickets from your Zendesk account.

Zendesk Support

YouTube Analytics – A connector showing your YouTube channel’s analytics. Developed by Miguel Angel Escobar

YouTube Analytics

Woo Commerce – A connector connecting to
WordPress’ WooCommerce APIs.

Woo Commerce

Instagram – A connector to pull statistics from Instagram.


LinkedIn – The connector is an interface to historical endpoints of linkedin Manage Company Pages endpoints

  • Get historical follower statistics about a company
  • Get historical status update statistics about a company


Stripe, Facebook Ads, and More

Did we miss mentioning some popular custom connectors?

Let us know.