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Optimizing Wholesale Buying to a New Level

SaaS business models have been on the growth path accelerating businesses with faster solution development and quick deployment. SaaS applications are seeing impressive growth over the last few years. As per Gartner, Software as a Service (SaaS) remains the largest market segment and is forecast to grow to $104.7 billion in 2020.

How did we help a startup in fashion tech create a SaaS wholesale fashion buying and order management and analytics solution and deliver MVP in 6 weeks? 

Business Challenge

Fashion never goes out of style. We keep on changing our wardrobe every few months. Fashion stores have a race against time in buying wholesale, tracking and managing the end-to-end process. Wholesale retail fashion buyers’ have massive challenges in managing the fashion stocks. It is resource-intensive with staff getting dragged into manual activities. Therefore, in this age of digital transformation, staying competitive is the need of the hour.

Our client stores were following traditional buying methods. It was difficult to capture, track, and compare data. Manual Excel sheets were cumbersome and did not provide a single unified view of order value and volumes. Tracking and viewing indent orders, look books and line sheets were turning difficult as searching it and accessing them was time-consuming. All this took a lot of manual effort and had a lot of staff involved. Data was noted manually and inadvertently got misplaced or lost.

The Solution

We understood the client’s goals and pain points, and aimed for developing a SaaS application that could be accessible across multiple devices and have real-time unified information available instantly.

The solution was developed using micro-services architecture which facilitated quick development and integration. The solution was divided into multiple function-specific modules. The Home Page provided a unified view of buying patterns, key metrics, budgets, and distribution by season and category. Sales Material and Order modules provided simple drag and drop screens to ease bulk uploads, and a detailed view to edit granular level details. The order screen also provided functionality to search inside order PDF and Excel files. The Analytics module provided in-depth insights into buying behaviors at the brand and season level.

We were struggling in getting the right data on time for our spends on various fashion buys across seasons. We were getting delayed in making buy decisions. BIGINT solutions’ SaaS framework and solution came to our rescue. I can now see trend and analytics data across seasons and it has helped us improve decision making. Our staff can focus on what they do best rather than swimming between Excel sheets and paper. You guys are the best! Keep up the great work!

– Founder & CEO

The entire solution was wrapped inside our proprietary SaaS framework. This custom high-performing go-to-market SaaS framework provides out of the box much needed features in a SaaS application. Features include user and tenant management, authentication and authorization, multiple payment integration, subscription management, auditing, and integrated SaaS reporting and analytics. The framework helped Spenser go from idea to MVP in less than 6 weeks.

Solution Highlights

Subscription-based multi-tenancy architecture: The solution is a full responsive subscription-based with multi-tenancy architecture and role-based access. Multi-tenancy allowed a store owner to have different instances for different stores. You can add multiple users, create custom roles, and assign custom permissions. The application integrates with multiple payment modes. The solution also comes with separate admin access.

Advanced Features – flexible search, bulk upload, photo capture: The application enables you to search order data stored in PDF and Excel files. You can search for data using advanced filters to narrow down on order dates, brands, season, and category details. Data on sales materials, orders, and budgets can be uploaded in bulk with ease, saving time, and effort in manual data entry. You can use the solution with your mobile app to click pictures of merchandise and brand materials. You can even add notes to the pictures. This can be used to update customers on upcoming styles and trends.

Data Analytics reports: Custom high-performance data analytics solutions were implemented to track budgets efficiently, perform buy analysis against seasonal buy’s brands and product categories. Get deep insights for making informed business decisions using advanced visualizations and monthly buying emails.

Business Outcomes

Over the first year BIGINT Solutions became a trusted partner by delivering significant benefits:

Increased efficiencies and optimization: The retail stores were able to streamline their business processes by getting rid of disparate systems and manual processes that cause time lags and human errors. The stores optimized the wholesale buying process by managing stocks better and have staff perform more value-added tasks. 

Informed decision making: The unified data views enabled better data insights for accurate decision making. Smart buy analysis and budget tracking enabled faster and accurate decision making.

Time to market: Procure from wholesale markets and deliver goods faster in time to market. The buyers were able to get a competitive edge knowing when their orders are reaching with smart snapshot views and readiness for stock arrivals.

Gain competitive advantages: Real-time information availability combined with data-driven drill-down dynamic reporting enabled faster decision making providing them with immense competitive gains.

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Based on our experience working on SaaS application development for companies, we have created a customized go-to-market SaaS solution with out of the box features like tenant management, user and role management, access and authorization, logging, payment integration and subscription management, and custom libraries for data management and analytics.

Using our solution our clients have launched MVPs to the market in less than 6 weeks.

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