Do you know:

  1. There are 271 Unicorns with cumulative valuation of close to USD 900 billion
  2. US contributes close to 50% from these 271 unicorns, with China contributing 30%, UK 6% and India 5%. That makes the total 91%.
  3. China, UK, India and Germany are top 4 emerging countries for unicorn clubs apart from US?
  4. Of the companies joining Unicorn list in the last one year, the total valuation of unicorns from China is $69.15 B leaving US behind with total valuation being $66.91 B?
  5. Fintech, Consumer Electronics, Blockchain, Internet Services, and AutoTech are emerging industries of Unicorns?
  6. In last 3 months, 27 companies have become Unicorn. Five of them are from India.

From India, the companies are: OYO Rooms, Swiggy, BYJU’s, PolicyBazaar and Udaan.

A unicorn is a privately held company with valuation of more than $1B (USD 1 billion).

How were we able to get this kind of analysis from the Unicorn list? We created an interactive report using Power BI, and performed analysis to understand Unicorn trends from multiple dimensions.

We analyzed:

  1. Overall Unicorn Summary with year wise trends
  2. Understand Investors Cohort by valuation ($B) of the companies they invested in
  3. Understand overall unicorn companies distribution by geography and industry
  4. Understand emerging trends by analyzing the companies joining the list in last 1 year
  5. Which industry/country is going to take over in future?

Please head to our Power BI report that we have hosted for detailed analysis. Play with it and let us know what you think about it.

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The report has three main tabs. 1) Unicorn Club Summary 2) Unicorn List 3) Unicorn List Drillthrough

Unicorn Club Summary:


The report also provides you drill-through capabilities. Ex: if you want to see which companies from China have joined the Unicorn list in last one year, right click on “China” on the visual “From countries (top 5 based on valuation)”, click on “Drillthrough” and select report “Unicorn List Drillthrough”. This will open another report with all the filters applied.


The filtered drill-through report.


Unicorn Club List

View the entire Unicorn list with Industry, Country and Date Joined filter. From Date Joined filter you can select relative dates, ex: Last 1 month will give list of unicorns that joined the list in the last 1 month.


What other interesting insights did you find from our report?

Go to Live Power BI Report

Note: The data for the Global Unicorn list has been taken from CB Insights. For Raw data, please head to their website.

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