Refresh Power BI report page every min. and show on a TV

This question has been asked multiple times in forums, blogs and by community users.

How can I refresh my Power BI report every min and show it on a TV full-screen?

This is a lovely scenario where you want to show Power BI report with metrics, business performance, team performances etc. on a public display. May be on a TV in a hallway or in Factory Control rooms!

As they say: If it’s visible, it will get fixed!

But, how do I do this? It’s quite simple!

(1) Make sure your data is refresh-able live. Either through direct query to a SQL box or live connection to Analysis services

(2) In your report URL in Power BI Service, append ?chromeless=1

This setting will open your report in full screen mode.

(3) Download and install a Google Chrome Add-in – “Super Auto Refresh Plus”

(4) Setup the Add-in to refresh your report page every X mins. You want 1 min? You are covered!

And you are set to go.

A simpler way to refresh your report page every min and show it to a larger audience!