Refresh Power BI report page every min. and show on a TV

This question has been asked multiple times in forums, blogs and in Power BI community.

How can I refresh my Power BI report every min and show it on a TV full-screen?

This is a lovely scenario where you want to show Power BI report with metrics, business performances, team performances etc. on a public display. May be on a TV in a hallway or in Factory Control rooms!

But, how do I do this?

It’s quite simple to setup!

(1) Make sure your data is refresh-able live. Either through direct query to a supported source (SQL etc.) or live connection to Analysis services.

(2) In your report URL in Power BI Service, append ?chromeless=1

This setting will open your report in full screen mode.

(3) Download and install a Google Chrome Add-in – “Super Auto Refresh Plus”

(4) Setup the Add-in to refresh your report page every X mins. You want 10 seconds? You are covered!

And you are set to go.

A simpler way to refresh your report page every min and show it on a display!




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5 thoughts on “Refresh Power BI report page every min. and show on a TV

  1. Hi,

    If I connect to my database using Direct query,
    As far as I know, data using this method can be updated every 15 minutes.
    Therefore, the component (super auto refresh pulse)can not provide up-to-date information at the minute level.


    1. Hi Alon, that’s true for a dashboard and not for a Power BI Report. Why don’t you give it a try and see yourself how this works in Power BI Report? We have done this several times and it works!


    1. This scenario is mostly for large displays like TV. Not sure how is this report being viewed on mobile. Mobile App should have this capability, may be restricted to iOS. Notifications/Alerts works best for mobile scenarios.

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